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SUSEFLUESE by bE oN eartH 2009

Improvisation for everybody

Don Miguell Guitar, Jubilatore all the other stuff




ANALOGICA   2008 - 2MB

A improvisation with my MS-20 + SQ-10 and SH-09 and the Kurzweil K2000, first take!

sequenz sq-10+ms-20, Fläche K2000, Solo SH-09


20 SEKUNDEN   2007  - 500kB

sound for movies was a new challenge

Rhodes: from K2000, Guitar: Cort S serie Strat->Koerg AX3, Bass: Ibanez RB 850II-> Yamaha PB-1


COBALTBLUE   2005  - 7MB

again once with Mister HardoGuitarWatson at the various guitars ;-)

Rhodes & drums & perc.: from Yamaha DX200, guitars: Vally Art Strat & Maya Strat in the Solopart, all with Boss GT5, melody: Kurzweil K2000, bass: Ibanez RB850II -> ART 259 channelstrip, strings & solo at the end: Roland JD800



Bea-C and Auroratune, Bea-C a voice from the beautiful Wendland visits the ManuKlangFaktur,  atmospheric, relaxt, right now....

Voice: Rode NT1000 -> Focusrite Green3, strings: Roland JD800, drums: Roland CR80, sequenz: NOVA, blip: Roland SH32, guitar: Aria-LPCopy -> Korg A3



Hardoman and me to be obsessed , a 15min. cut from a 25min. session.

Guitar, Yamaha DX200 and Roland  JD800 in action!


COOL FUSION   2005  - 9MB

Melody is inspirated by hardoman. Unfortunately i goofed the recording of hardomans bizarre guitarplay, bcause i deleted the original guitartrack.

noises: Roland SH32, bass: Korg EX8000 with Doepfer Drehbank modulation, chords: NOVA, melody: Kawai K5000s, guitar: Vally Arts Strat -> Boss GT5 with realtime modulation



with hardoman at the guitar to the chilloutgroove!

chords & solo & bass: Kurzweil K2000, drums: taken from sampleCD, guitar: Korean E-Acoustic?


LUSTGARTEN   2004  - 5,5MB

Lovely melodies meet filtergroove, 60% NOVA

chords & melody in midpart: Novation NOVA, melody: Kawai K5000s, drums: Emu Procussion -> Akai MFC42 -> Sony DPS D7


WASSERFALL   2003  - 10MB

The NOVA already is a superb synthesizer, sequences without borders, naturally from the NOVA

sequenz: NOVA, melody: Kawai K5000s, strings: Kurzweil K2000, drums: Kurzweil K2000 -> Lexicon LXP5


KLICK’N DREAM   2003  - 7MB

Well to, one of my favorites ease

synthsweeps & melody: Kawai K5000s, kristal: Roland SH32, drums: Emu Procussion -> Sony DPS D7


ACCORDIONE   2003  -  5MB

Ullrich plays fine Akkordeon, meets Synthsequenzen and Drumloops

acordion: Hohner Student & spain classic guitar -> Microtech Gefell M900 -> Focusrite Green3, drums: taken from sampleCD, bass: Kawai K5000s, sequenz: NOVA,


GOOGLEGROOVE   2003  - 4,5MB

Developed quickly, Mike is playing the solo guitar.

chords & melody & end: Kurzweil K2000, drums: taken from sampleCD, bass: Ibanez RB850 II with EMG toneblender -> crate TDP, guitar: Ibanez AS80 -> Digitech Genesis 1



Barbara sings a poem of Heinrich Heine, Olaf at the guitar and Rainer at the bass

Voice: Microtech Gefell M900 -> Focusrite Green3, acoustic guitar: Microtech Gefell M900 -> Focusrite Green3, bass: j-bass copy frettless, strings: Kurzweil K2000



Doublegroove as it were, with Olaf at the various guitars inclusive sequencer guitar ;-)

acoustic guitar: Microtech Gefell M900 -> Focusrite Green3, e-guitar -> Boss GT5 -> Sony HR-MP5, bass: Kawai K5000s, strings & melody & drums: Kurzweil K2000. additional drums: EMU Procussion


GALOPPALOMA   2002  -  5MB

the rythm riding, Ullrich plays div. instruments.

mallets & rhodes & melody: Kurzweil K2000, drums: taken from sampleCD and modify with AMEN, bass: Kawai K5000s, old framus e-guitar -> Ibanez Tubescreamer, acoustic guitar: Gefell MV 691/M94 -> Focusrite Green3


TANGERINE   2002  - 8MB

The people say "have which of JM Jarre", do not believe I not ;-)

strings: Kurzweil K2000, sequenzed melody: Kawai K5000s, bass & melody: Yamaha TG77, drums: EMU Procussion


CURRYWURST   2001  - 8MB

Chilliout Groove. Until Ullrich came, saw and played, i made some mutations to this song.

sequenz & strings & melody: Kawai K5000s, drums: taken from sampleCD and modify the groove with a sampleplayer, rhodes: Kurzweil K2000, old framus e-guitar -> Ibanez BiModeChorus, acoustic guitar: BayerDynamic M201 N -> Focusrite Green3


ZEIT   2001  - 5MB

To the effect-loaded rhodessequence wanted I actually only the new micro to test.....then the vocoder......

rhodes: Kurzweil K2000 -> Sony HR-MP5, bass: Kurzweil K2000, strings & melody & chords: Kawai K5000s, voice: BayerDynamic M201 N -> Cubase MDA Vocoder, drums: EMU Procussion, acoustic guitar: BayerDynamic M201 N


TIGHTSPOT   2001 -  8MB

Relaxing with acoustic guitar, e-drum and synthesizer

acoustic guitar: Gefell MV 691/M94 -> Focusrite Green3, drums: EMU Procussion, malletchords & melody: Kawai K5000s, piano & bubbles: Kurzweil K2000, guitarmelo: Roland JD800, percussion: EMU Procussion


SWING OUT 2001 -  4,5MB

Ullrich is playing the bluesy piano and makes the brassarr. , Indian swing music

piano & brass & cymb.: Kurzweil K2000, drums&perc.: taken from sampleCD, bass: Kawai K5000s



The singing only was a test, actually i wanted my African friends to this sing (naturally another text:)


DIS-TORTE   2001 -  2,5MB

The distortion effect in the K5000, sounds cool....

distorted tunes & bass: Kawai K5000s, drums: Alesis D4, strings Kawai K1


GOD FOR ALL   2000  - 11MB

All ethno vocalsamples fits adjusted 92 BPM the speed, therefore the title

tunes: Kawai K5000s, drums + voices: taken from sampleCDs, bass: Kurzweil K2000, strings: Yamaha TG500



The song I began 2000 and only finished, good as I find now

sequenz & melody & bass: Kawai K5000s, drums: taken from sampleCD, wipps: Kurzweil K2000


BUBBLEGUM 1998 -  7,5MB

Here Ullrich plays the guitar with himself in the duet :-) beautifully

Rhodes: Roland D5, drums: taken from CD, old framus e-guitar -> Ibanez tubescreamer, bass: Ibanez RB850II



The 1990’s, that were still times.....

strings: Kawai K1, piano: Korg P3 PianoModul, sequenz + organ: Roland D5,


MIXSESSION   1991  - 3MB

drums: Alesis D4, strings Kawai K1, sequenz + voice + melody: Roland D5 with Lexicon LXP5

in 1991 I have got my first good effect equipment, a Lexicon LXP5, but I have paid 800DM at that time used! Both 90`s titles were mixed on a probably buoyant Alesis 1622 mixing desk, which sounded up to the exchange of all IC`s very bad, but the addition were not cheap at all,; -) My equipment at that time: Roland D5, Kawai K1m, Korg P3 Pianomodul, Alesis D4 and 1622Mix, Akai X7000 Sampler, Atari mega-1 with Cubase 3, recordet on a Toshiba Tape-deck.




Titles find are very difficulty, I dont know no more titles....


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