before long, looonger time born...........

at the age of 15   J.M.Jarre with Oxygene was my favorite track, and Genesis - the lamb lies down... with Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd - wish you where here.........

in the following years Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and Goettsching (Ashra) several times life seen

at the tender age of 18 years bought my first instrument,  a Korg MS10, for 900-DM.

Crumar Multiman stringsynth and Roland SH2000 were added soon

set up “huge” Synthstacks together with a friend and jamming (mixed with an Pearl Orbit tapeecho! )

bought a piano and got instructions, learned all about harmonys by self-educated

first band as keyboarder....

moved to the country

Mark King (Level 42) brought me to the bass

become dad

first experiences in recording sessions

discovered the passion to play drums , I know however for lack of exercise (flat) not really good ;-)

Midi holds introduction, only a Kawai R50 drummachine those means K1 steered, then for the Alesis MMT8 sequencer and then a Atari Mega1 Compi to sequences, Atari - which otherwise!

of still more sessions (with Ullrich) up to the top-40 band than bassist and keyboarder (only 3 years, really :)

often with Ullrich the blues easily, my homestudio grows, first own pieces of electronic music

and 10 years later it looks in such a way, it will probably ever continue to grow......


M a n u K l a n g F a k t u r


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